What a yogi can learn from animals?

What a yogi can learn from animals?


Yoga is the way of living.This is the best way of living. To live a  yogi life it’s not necessary to opt an ashram in India or go for Vipassana.You can feel calm and healthy by learning these important yogic kriyas from animals.

From Tortoise: It is the longest living animals on the earth. A tortoise can live up to 300 to 400 years. Do you want to know the secret? the secret of his long life is slow breathing. It breathes only 3 to 4 times in a minute.Here is data about breath rate and life span of some animals.

MOUSE: breathing rate-90 to 170 per minute, Life -2to 3 years.

RABBIT: breathing rate -30 to 60 per minute, Life5 to 6 years.

DOGS: breathing rate-20 to 30 per minute, Life 10 to 20 years.

WHALES: breathing 4 to 6 [per minute, Life more than 100 years

HUMAN: breathing 15 to 18 per minute, Life more than 60 years.

It indicates lesser the breath count longer the life span.so being a yogi one must practice to slow and deeper breathing.By slowing down our breath we can make our lives longer.

To learn the tortoise breathing just try to breathe fully till abdomen and hold longer then exhale slowly and completely. Gradually by practice, it will be a habit.I will suggest learning yogic breathing by a trained yoga teacher for more benefit.

From Cat: To stay flexible, fit and active one must have a flexible spine, and a yogi understands very well the value of spine.A cat also has a very flexible spine which helps her to jump and run.So you can get a flexible spine by Marjari-asana.

To practice, this just bends your knees, both palms on the ground and push your spine downward by exhaling and moving your head up to the sky.And practice reverse by inhaling.This asana helps in loosen up the spine.people suffering from rigid spine and chronic back or neck ache must practice it.

From Dog: Have you ever seen any dog vomiting by eating some grass?yes, they clean their abdomen after a regular interval of time.the same way a yogi needs to clean his abdomen after the regular interval by doing Gaj-Karni kriya.TO practice this just drink 3 to 4liters of water early in the morning.and vomit out the whole water .before drinking the water mix some salt and make it warm.

It helps remove all diseases of abdomen region which are the result of build up of toxic or general impurities.It is the panacea for people suffering from phlegm disease.

From Monkey: these are called the ancestor of human but they still follow the basic ethics of eating.and what is that they never ever over eat but they take a small amount of food after a regular interval of time.so never fill your stomach completely with food.

From Tiger: The national animal of India has a rarest habit.It vomits the food after three or four hours if found uneasy to digest.when a yogic tradition it is called Vyaghri kriya.Vyaghra is the Sanskrit name for Tiger.

Before going to practice this one must have to prepare kheer ( a sweet Indian dish made of milk and rice).after taking the food just wait until 3 to 4 hours.It is enough time to get absorb all the nutrients from food by the body.Then vomit it out the undigested food by moving finger inside the mouth.after this take kheer.It will help to improve your digestion system and will give rest to it and prevents burdening the intestine with undigested food.

It will help to improve your digestion system and will give rest to it and prevents burdening the intestine with undigested food.

So by learning from nature, we can make our lives better.
I will suggest a prominent book Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha to learn more.

(Readers are advised to learn all these from a trained yoga teacher.Please do not practice on your own without learning from a teacher)

Hari Om Tatsat.




Author: Praamod yogiraj

RoyalMonk Praamod yogiraj is a proud Indian roaming all around the country and interacting with youths and discussing sprituality, yoga and all other topics especially about contemporary politics.

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  1. Knowledge is very worthful….but i think i will hesitate to vomit by moving finger inside…..is there any alternative about it….plz let me know…
    Anyway thanks for ur valuable feedback…
    plz make some blog on …how to find peace in life..

  2. Wah… Wht a nice thing u hv explaind.. It’s not only fr a yogi everybody should learn this to live a better n longer life. That’s a disease free n healthy life…. Keep posting such stuffs which can guide us fr a better life. With all my felicitations fr the royal monk(Mr yogiraj)

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